Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in the Philippines declared by the former President Fidel V. Ramos. The marshland acts like a sponge, as it is close in the midwaters of the Agusan River drainage basin. Inside its lakes, various floating communities can be found. Agusan Marsh is 1 of the most ecologically substantial wetlands in the Philippines. Found in the heart of Mindanao’s Agusan Basin, this vast expanse of marsh covers an area roughly the size of Metro Manila. It takes nearly 15% of the nation’s fresh water resources in the form of swamp forests.

In the very heart of the marsh is a semi-permanent lake where many sq. of lily pads, hyacinths and other hydrophytic plants spread out like an large green quilt. In the dark tea-colored waters live untold numbers of catfish, carp, soft-shell fresh water turtles, and crocodiles. Agusan Marsh is also host to “Wonderland”, where you can look natural “bonsai” trees crafted by nature. It can be reached from Barangay Caimpogan or from Brgy. New Visayas in the municipality of San Francisco.

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