Mount Kanlaon

November 9, 2010

Kanlaon, variously referred to as Kanlaon Volcano & Mount Kanlaon (also spelled Canlaon), is an active volcano in the Philippines. A stratovolcano on Negros island, it spans the provinces of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental in the Visayas region (10°24.7′N, 123°7.9′E), around 36 kilometers southeast of Bacolod City. It is one of the active volcanos in the Philippines, part of the Pacific ring of fire. Kanlaon has an elevation of 2,435 meters and a base diameter of 30 km & is dotted with pyroclastic cones & craters. The summit of Kanlaon contains a broad elongated northern caldera with a crater lake. A smaller but more active crater lies in the south. The volcano has three hot springs on its slopes: Mambucal Hot Springs on the northwest, Bucalan Hot Spring, Bungol Hot Spring. Its adjacent volcanic edifices are Mt. Silay & Mt. Mandalagan, north of Kanlaon. Canlaon City now stands beside the mountain.

In February 2008 Phivolcs issued an alert saying the “seismic network at Kanlaon Volcano recorded a total of 21 low frequency volcanic earthquakes (LFVQ) during the last 24 hours. Due to the increasing number of recorded volcanic earthquakes, PHIVOLCS raises Kanlaon Volcano’s alert status from Alert Level 0 to Alert Level 1 which means that the volcano is at slightly elevated unrest and volcanic activity could lead to steam and ash ejections.” A 4-kilometre Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is maintained around the volcano, because sudden explosions may occur without warning. In the 8 days from 23 August 2009 to 1 September 2009, 257 volcanic earthquakes were shown. Usual seismic activity during quiet periods is 0 to 4 quakes in any 24 hour period. Epicenters of the recorded quakes were clustered at the north-west gradient which may indicate movement of an active local fault at the slope induced by pressure beneath the volcano. Surface observations did not show any significant change in the steam emission from the volcanic crater. Phivolcs kept the alert status at Level 0. Volcanic activity at Kanlaon is continuously monitored by Phivolcs.

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