Lake Lanao

May 18, 2011

Lake Lanao is a large lake in the Philippines, settled in Lanao del Sur province in the country’s southern island of Mindanao. With a surface area of 340 kmĀ². (131 square miles), it is the largest lake in Mindanao, and the second largest lake in the Philippines and considered as one of the 15 ancient lakes in the world.The lake was formed by the tectonic-volcanic damming of a watershed between 2 mountain ranges and the collapse of a large volcano. It has a maximum depth of 112 meters, & a mean depth of 60.3 metres. The watershed is shallowest towards the north and gets progressively deeper towards the south. The lake is fed by four rivers. Its only outlet is the Agus River, which flows southwest into Iligan Bay via two channels, one over the Maria Cristina Falls and the other over the Linamon Falls.

A hydroelectric plant installed on the Lanao Lake and Agus River system generates 70% of the electricity used by the people of Mindanao. The lake is seen as the deepest lake in the Philippines.The lake is a home of myths & legends of the Maranao tribe. The name Maranao was derived from the name of the lake & it means “the people living around the lake”. Lake Dapao is home to 18 native species of freshwater fish & bears a large number of waterfowl.

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