Lake Sebu

March 9, 2011

Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu is a natural lake settled in the municipality of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato and within the Alah Valley region. The Philippine government has accredited it as one of the country’s most important watersheds. Lake Sebu is one of the many bodies of water supplying important irrigation to the provinces of Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato. The villages around the lake have been turned into an independent municipality called Lake Sebu after being a former village of Surallah.

The Department of Tourism and the local authorities unit of Lake Sebu has advertised the lake as one of the prime eco-tourism destinations in the municipality. Lake Sebu is also famous for its seven waterfalls, a series of river drops along the lush mountain forests. Named after the number of falls that interconnect, the falls derive its water from the lake. Only two are accessible; the others have yet to have access trails.

The first waterfall, as they call it, is a block type of waterfall, owing to the large lake that feeds it. The rapid gush and fall of waters from some 40 feet above makes traversing the river dangerous near its plungpool. The second waterfall, a plunge type, is truly majestic with a height of more than 100 feet. Even from a distance, the fall is stunning! The very small tributary is almost inconspicuous but the rapids and the falling water from heights is just too astounding. Its position is also mind boggling. It looks like it was actually sculptured like a crater in a mountain side with various layers of rock representing geological times clearly lined up in the in the overhang. At 80 feet, you can still feel the cold mist from the disruptive waters at the plungpool.

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