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Lake Mainit

| Uncategorized | August 29, 2011

Lake Mainit in Surigao Del Norte

Description of Lake Mainit

The circular Lake Mainit steeps the municipalities of Mainit and Alegria between Surigao & Butuan. At a certain season, one can look up to the purplish blooms of water hyacinths & lilies. Its calm waters is a sanctuary of thousands of wild ducks.

Map of Lake Mainit

Lake Mainit is the 4th largest lake in the Philippines, with a total inland water of 17,000 hectares and also the deepest lake in the Philippines, w/ a depth of 180 meters & an elevation of 37 ms above sea level. The unspoiled teardrop-shaped lake is one of the most natural ecosystems in the region that has unique & diverse potentials among the largest lakes in the country. It has the most fresh water surrounded by some cold and hot springs in its different tributaries. Lake Mainit is home to some rare and delicacy fresh water fishes such as eel, locally known as “casili” (Anguilla Sp.), mudfish or “hayuan” (Ophicephallus striatus), Gurami (Gourami Belontiidae) & the “bolinao” (Neosthethus thessa) which is referred as found nowhere else in the world and which are among the numerous other existing migratory fishes (Catadramous fishes) passing over Kalinaoan River.

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Ardent Hot Springs

| Uncategorized | December 14, 2010

In the heart of the island bubbles the mineral pools of Ardent Hot Springs. Wisps of steam can be seen rising from the running waters heated up by the cauldron of Hibok-Hibok, the most recently active of the 7 volcanoes on the island. The local hot spa is a natural pool of about 40 degrees centigrade leaping from depths of Mount Hibok-Hibok. The Municipality of Mambajao has supplied cottages, restaurant & dormitory facilities that cater to topical and foreign tourists. It has picnic huts, cookout facilities & restrooms for visitors.It is ideal for night swimming, a place to rejuvenate both mind & body.

The hot waters of Ardent Hot Spring come from the bowels of Mt. Hibok-Hibok & is said to be medicinal. People from far and wide come solely for this reason if not out of curiosity. It is hottest at the shallowest point & gets milder as the pool gets deeper. It is the best treatment for any therapeutic ailment since the water contains sulphur, which is said to be a medicinal element to cure some types of illnesses. Because of the hot temperature of the waters, the advised length of bathing should not be more than 20 minutes. Try dipping into the pool and take in the tranquility of your surroundings. Fore sure, you will feel restored in both mind and body. Joint pains & muscle aches will be alleviated. Tiredness will disappear! You know, this is a real paradise especially for arthritic patients. Enjoy the waters at any time although best in early morning and late evening. The spring is a cozy even on rainy days!

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