Boracay Island

January 2, 2014

Boracay an island located south of Manila. Boracay Island and its beaches has awarded from

numerous travel publications. The Island is also one of the world’s top destination.

In 2012, The Island is awarded as “The Worlds best Island. The island is just seven kilometerz

long and has a dog-bone shape spot the has a less than half a kilometer with a total wide of

10.32 square/k.

The main Tourist attraction is its pure white sand beach, that is about 4k long and is lined

with resorts, hotels, lodging house, restau, and other busines. In

the frontline of the Island is a wide beach front where every night people are having a very

great fun having a night party as part of a life style.

When Peak season like summer you could first think of first is island of boracay. tourist from

other nations and also people here in the philippines loved to go to boracay because of Its

climate that exactly what people would want to for a hot summer get away.

Rules are very strictly implemented like smoking by the beach front and littering in the

island. There is a designated place for smoking and also a lot of trash utilities are spread

out in the island to prevent it from getting dirty and to keep the island’s beauty.

Lots of activities awaits, like water activities that is very poplular.night

life, Food, walk by the Beach, Henna Tatto, and a lot of stuffs you would never forget.

You will never be bored in Boracay Island.

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