Tinago Falls of Iligan

February 22, 2014

Tinago Falls of Iligan

A falls in Barangay Ditucalan Lanao Del Norte Southern part of the Philippines one of the

tourist attraction of iligan. The falls is about 240 feet high from its cliff.

Hidden in ravine and requires over 500 steps going down and also called the winding

staircase. Has a very cold water going down to its beauty into its deep calm basin pool which

is colored blue lagoon. And under it is a cave where people can enter and listen to its

rumbling sound.

Legend says that once there was a sultan and it’s wife that was appointed by the locals as

their king and queen. They got fooled by themselves and become selfish rulers, oe day an

enchantress disguiesed as a beggar and asked helped to the couple. They ignored him and the

enchantress told them that the child inside the womb of the queen will bee ugly ducling, bat they ignored it.

The child indeed become so ugly, the couple was so disapointed so they hid the child into the

cave. They took care of it and when the child grew up she went outside and was amazed of what

she had seen, then the Enchantress saw her and gave her a deal stating that she would make

her something great and beautiful. The Child agreed and she became the tinago falls.

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