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Choose Abra Libtec Crystal Cave of the most beautiful places in Philippines to visit

Abra (Ilokano: Probinsia ti Abra; Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Abra) is a landlocked province of the Philippines in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon. Its capital is Bangued, and is bordered by Ilocos Norte on the northwest, Apayao on the northeast, Kalinga on the mid-east, Mountain Province on the southeast, and Ilocos Sur on the southwest.

Abra for a long time had been a blank spot on the Philippine tourism map. It is often skipped due to news of killings and partly because of its location in North Luzon. It is sandwiched between two very popular tourist destinations - Ilocos in the west and the Cordilleras in the east. But now Abra is becoming one of the best tourist destinations with huge arrays to choose from, old churches, long bridges, mountain ranges, magnificent waterfalls, food and a lot more. 

LIBTEC CRYSTAL CAVE, also known as Quilling Crystal Cave, is located at Libtec Dolores, Abra. According to the locals, even before the Second World War when Libtec is not yet populated, the presence of the cave is already known to hunters and trappers from nearby areas such as Tayum, Abra. Decades after the Japanese regime, treasure hunters had also explored the caves, hoping that some Japanese treasures were kept and left there. Today, it is a bat-hunting ground as the cave is heavily populated with bats. Bat droppings had also been gathered by the locals to be used as fertilizer.

The entrance opening of this cave is so small that it would require you to bend down or crawl if you're not flexible.

From a distance, this enchanting underground river looks like a cave protruding at a seemingly empty field. Underneath the surface is actually an underground river that mirrors the jutting stalagmites. It has approximately 200 meters total length from the main entrance to the opposite end. It is as high as a 4-storey building and has around 10-15 meters width average. There are about 3,000-5,000 paniqui or bats living inside. Some waters are dropping from its ceiling making the floor really slippery, you better use the proper shoes if you're planning to go. It's totally dark inside but has a cool breezy atmosphere so you have to bring a flashlight of your own especially if you're not so into dark places. You also have to bring your own drinks to rehydrate since the water inside is not advisable for drinking. At the end of this cave is the Sinimbaan River, perfect for a picnic and to rest your tired feet while enjoying its cool spring water.

Here are some pictures of The LIBTEC CR:YSTAL CAVE:

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