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For some, a visit to Abra Manambor Falls is simple

Abra (Ilokano: Probinsia ti Abra; Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Abra) is a landlocked province of the Philippines in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon. Its capital is Bangued, and is bordered by Ilocos Norte on the northwest, Apayao on the northeast, Kalinga on the mid-east, Mountain Province on the southeast, and Ilocos Sur on the southwest.

Abra for a long time had been a blank spot on the Philippine tourism map. It is often skipped due to news of killings and partly because of its location in North Luzon. It is sandwiched between two very popular tourist destinations - Ilocos in the west and the Cordilleras in the east. But now Abra is becoming one of the best tourist destinations with huge arrays to choose from, old churches, long bridges, mountain ranges, magnificent waterfalls, food and a lot more.

From Cogon a 90 minute hike up a mountain and down through thick lush green rain and mossy forest brings you to one of the remotest waterfalls in the country, the MANAMBOR FALLS in Agsimao, Abra. The falls measures around 30 feet high. Its waters carved a beautiful pool, fit for swimming and cliff jumping.

All the pain are really worth it after seeing this virgin scenery. This fetching painting of natural life's hues makes me turn blabs into words of wisdom. Comely, lovely, angels brought me here. This is God's hinterland of His wonders. 

Here are some pictures of The MANAMBOR FALLS:

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