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What You Should Expect On Your Trip To Batanes Savidug Village?

Batanes is an archipelagic province in the Philippines situated in the Cagayan Valley region. It is the northernmost province in the country, and also the smallest, both in population and land area

Batanes has become one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the country. The relatively isolated islands of the Batanes, the home of the resilient and welcoming Ivatans, with its rolling hills, subtropical climate, ancient cultures, good food, windswept traditional stone houses, and breathtaking landscapes and seascapes which perhaps make it one of the prettiest corners of the world. Its refreshingly chill vibe is unique from the other famous island destinations in the country. Whether it'll be your first time to see the country's northernmost province or you're planning to come back to rediscover the place, Batanes has plenty of spots that are worth your time.

SAVIDUG is one of the traditional villages in Sabtang. It is located along the hills, making it suitable for root crops and pasture. Three types of Ivatan houses flank the streets of Batanes: the maytuab, stone house with four-sloped thatched cogon roof; the sinadumparan, stone house with two-sloped cogon roof; and the jinjin, wood and cogon. Savidug harbors sinadumparan houses. The stone walls of these houses are all identical, but the doors and windows provide avenues for personal creativity. They add color to the otherwise monotonous structures. 

SAVIDUG VILLAGE is ideal for those who want to know more about the unique architectural styles and other customs of the native people of Batanes. 

Here are some pictures of The SAVIDUG VILLAGE:

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